Art Can Change the World is a project that aims at giving underprivileged children the power of using self expression through art to make a difference in their lives and the world around them. For ages, art  has been a positive outlet for those who are looking for ways to express themselves. With the help of donations, volunteers, and sometimes professional artists, we are able to go to homeless shelters, children's hospitals, and many other similar locations to spend a day with the children and do a number of art-based activities. These activities involve many things (but are not limited to):

- Giving each child a ukulele as a gift (which they then get to keep, along with extra strings), teaching them how to play it, and then discussing with them the importance of expression through music and writing music.

- Inventing a game with a group of children. This involves painting a game board, sculpting pieces, creating cards, coming up with rules, etc. The game can then be kept at the homeless shelter or children's hospital for future children to play.

 - Teaching a child about expression through painting or drawing, and leaving them with their own sketch pad, pencils, or paints for the future.

- Discussing the impact that writing has on our lives and our culture with a group of children, and doing writing exercises with them. Examples include writing poetry, short stories, and memoirs. Each child will then be given pens and a notebook that they can keep their writing in for the future.

(Once we've collected enough of these stories, pieces of artwork, and photogrpahs from the events, we are going to try to put out an annual publication with the art and literature that the children have created, along with photographs of our volunteers with the children. Each child will then recieve a copy, and will get to see their hard work published. We'd also eventually like to move on from ukuleles to guitars, keyboards, drum sets, etc. We are completely open to new ideas for projects, and suggestions about the program, so please email us!)

Art Can Change the World can only be successful through the hard work of volunteers and the generosity of donations.
Please help us out if you're interested, because together, our art can truly change the world.

To help out, or ask any questions, please fill out the form below or email me directly at kippermank@gmail.com.

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Artwork shown at top of page by Walter Sickert
Artwork shown at bottom of page by Kelley Kipperman